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>> greta: we're going to post
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information and they'll appreciate anything you can do to help. thanks for watching. fbn. >> eric: we have a fox news alert. the cdc just released new figures showing dramatic and dangerous statistics about this year's flu season that is raging across the united states. 47 states are now dealing with widespread outbreak of the deadly flu. this strain is now officially being called an epidemic. that new designate means more than seven in 100 deaths in the country are caused by the fires. the hardest hit in the midwest, minnesota, 27 people died. in the east, pennsylvania, 22 dead. and down south, 22 people have perished in south carolina. pretty sobering given that this may be another six to eight weeks for the season. we "fivers" want to tell you how we are dealing with the
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there. greg is handling it from bed. he is recovering and he will be okay. kimberly, we have home medications. how are you handling it? >> kimberly: there are quite a few missing at 6:00 tonight. i could use this at my house. the little guy last night at 1:30, sure enough. started, you know, throwing up. the whole deal. we went to the doctor's office. dr. michael ronin. catching name. he was great. took care of ronin there. he is with the snow boot on. he couldn't even stand. he is doing much better now. he has popsicles and gingerale. >> eric: prescribe something for him? >> he is all cuddled up. didn't want to leave the pediatrician. he's running out of the door out of there, he didn't want to leave. he is doing better now. they said you got to watch him very, very closely. >> eric: fluids. >> absolutely. >> eric: beckel, you are up? what do you do over there? fox news snuggie.
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it's a fox news snuggie. >> bob: are you cuddled up on television. >> eric: this is how the fivers are handling the flu. >> bob: i got my flu shot two months ago. protect myself while it's raging i have a 24-hour nurse coming in to look after mei. know this is a serious situation. the whole country is covered. mississippi, one state floating out there by itself. >> dana: that is a country named hawaii. is a for you, greg. mississippi, california, hawaii. those are the three. >> eric: every other state that is red, widespread. they still have it. it hasn't been -- >> bob: flu shot to mississippi. >> it's still there. it's yellow. red is the highest level. what do you do if you get the flu? what do you take? tea? honey? >> bob: i never had the flu.
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i can't tell you. >> eric: so i'll go next. >> andrea: what do we do about the sickness your head. >> eric: that is not the flu. >> dana: thankfully it's not contagious. >> bob: how do you know? >> eric: should we move on. snuggie, stay warm and get sleep. fresh orange juice and vitamin "c." maybe nyquil. for me, sleep. lack of sleep is when i get sus sent to believe the flu. cold and flu. when you get it, rest. >> dana: i believe in the flu shot. i have taken an informal survey of friends of mine, a lot of them are moms. they are against the flu shot. i didn't know how adamant they felt. one of my friends told me today that she took her kids in and they said they need the flu shot. she said no. she said you were treated as a
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criminal if you didn't want to give your kids the flu shot. i got one and i have gotten them in the past. so far, even though i have sat next to greg for two weeks i have not got it yet. >> eric: ange, in the seat greg usually sits in. >> andrea: i sat next to greg two-and-a-half week ago and i immediately started to not feel well. i did not miss any work. but i felt terrible. thanks, greg. i didn't get a flu shot. but i did get over it. still not -- >> bob: how do you go to work with the flu? >> andrea: here is the thing. i don't like flu shots either. i got one ten years ago and i got the flu so bad for two weeks. it already got it this year -- i already got it this year. >> eric: there will r a lot of -- put hit the way. interesting information out
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there you may or may not know we will throw around a few questions to the table. answer some of the questions. question number one. in normal flu season how many americans will be infected? >> dana: 226,000. >> kimberly: you saw the card. you always do that. >> eric: i can't see so i go like this. >> kimberly: she knew we were going to have a quiz. >> andrea: totally. >> dana: i read it on the thing. >> eric: on average, 226,000. how many hospitalizations? there are between 3,000 and 49,000 deaths occur each year. >> kimberly: scary. >> eric: move to question number two. can you contagious before, during or after you experience symptoms of the flu? >> andrea: all three.
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>> during. >> kimberly: before. >> dana: before. >> eric: all of them. the answer is most healthy adults according to the cdd, most healthy adults may infectbe others begins one day before and up to five to seven days after becoming six. >> kimberly: when bob had mrsa. >> eric: that is a different virus. can the shot give you the flu? anybodybe? >> no. >> kimberly: it gives you flu-like symptoms. >> dana: yes. >> eric: no. all right. the answer is no. flu shot cannot cause flu illness. the influenza virus are inactivated and killed so they can't cause flu. i have one for beckel. if you are allergic to chicken eggs should you get a flu shot? [ laughter ] is your name beckel, camera three. >> bob: unequivocal no.
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chicken eggs have somethin something --be >> dana: if you hate chicken eggs? >> bob:be definitely. >> eric: the answer aconsideredding to the cbc if you are allergic chicken eggs you should not get flu shot. this is to kimberly. how long should you stay away from school or work after the symptoms go away? 12 hour, 24 hours or 48 hours? >> kimberly: 48. >> bob: 24. >> kimberly: 2-4. >> eric: the answer is cdc recommends you stay home for at least 24 hours after, after your symptoms. >> eric: andrea how long after i get vaccinated am i protected from the virus? get the shot today, how long before you start being protected from the virus? >> andrea: two weeks. >> eric: fantastic. about two weeks after
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vaccination. antibody in the body to provide protection against influenza. dana, for you. >> bob: don't let her see it. >> eric: can you give or receive influenza virus from dogs, cats or other pets? >> dana: no, you cannot. >> bob: yes. the answer is yes. >> eric: the answer is yes? >> bob:be yes. >> eric: anyone else? >> kimberly: i think maybe yes. >> eric: dana is right, no. there are other diseases you can get from or give from pets so no kissing jasper. >> dana: what if you have a pet pig and get swine flu? >> eric: this strain of virus you cannot give to pets and they can't give it to you. >> bob: don't get monkeys. they rip up the entire apartment. >> kimberly: why would you have a monkey? >> dana: this is scary, if you get the flu and you walk around you are paranoid you might get it. i feel bad for people that
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have it. or even if you sneeze -- this happened today. contained area, this woman sneezed and everyone backed off and didn't want to near her. could have had something tickling their nose. >> eric: 100 miles per hour the germ spreads. >> kimberly: serious? sent me a message to wear a mass income my house. >> eric: here is why. you said ronin feeling sick. i said put a mask on to protect you from getting what -- >> kimberly: it would freak him out. >> bob: if you have a flu, go to the movie. it's ples zurable. >> kimberly: spread it to everybody? >> bob: true. should go to the republican national committee. >> dana: how do you know it's a head cold or it's flu? >> bob: she has no answers. ask a doctor.
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>> andrea: dr. bolling. >> eric: i just play one on tv. what is your way to handle flu? >> andrea: gatorade, pedialite for hydration and sleep. it cures anything. >> kimberly: watching good movies. >> dana: i call my mom. >> eric: you say thai chicken soup. >> bob: chicken noodle soup has healthful prohibits -- ib greedients in it. but i like it from thai restaurant because it has more spice. if you get it ready. moving in your head and get it out. >> bob: recommend this for, who drinks. it didn't but if i got sick with the flu, i drank quart of gin. take -- seriously this will help you.
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>> andrea: i drank a lot of vodka once and i cured the flu. >> eric: does anyone know what is in a hot toddy? >> dana: honey. >> eric: bourbon. >> andrea: lemonbe? >> eric: we don't know. >> kimberly: it warms you up. that is the other thing i love. >> eric: greg, feel better. maybe a day or two more. don't get anyone else infec infected. bob, put a bad boy on. in the next segment. not because we worry about you spreading anything but nextbe we are going to talk about gu guns. don't make anyone upset. >> bob: how do you put it on? >> dana: like that. this is everybody's shot of bob. >> bob: do you think this is going to shut me up? >> dana: shut up, bob.
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>> bob: directly ahead -- not going to do it. i can't talk. >> eric: perfect. quentin tarantino goes off the rail when confronted about the notoriously violent field. miss alabama's career is heading off the chart after brent musberger's comments. we'll tell you what is up for her next. ♪ ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." yesterday, vice president biden met with the hollywood crowd about gun violence and they promise to have a "dialogue" about the problem. direct or of the violent movie isn't interested in talking about the violent movies. here is what happened when he was asked about it. >> why are you sure there is no link between movie violence and real violence? >> i'm going to tell you why
11:18 pm
i'm so assured? i'm not biting. i refuse your question. >> why? >> i refuse your question. i am not your slave and you are not my master. i can't -- you can't make me dance to your tune. i'm not your monkey. i say i refuse. >> andrea: he tried to end the conversation saying, "i'm shutting your butt down" and he stormed out. should he have answered it? quentin tarantino has history to make violent movies or can he say i'm not talking? >> dana: he would be great in a dictatorship. he wants free publicity for the media. there was news involved, after the newtown shooting so he is going to have to answer to it. remember when harry reid said that is a clown question, bro. that's saying i'm not answering that. but quentin tarantino could be a better actor than he is. even though you might think you are not going to answer the question. you don't say you are not
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going to answer the question. you just don't answer the question and try to move it on to something else. if he needs a p.r. consultant, there are a lot of people i could refer. >> andrea: doesn't it seem like he wanted to make a point about this? like i don't think violence contributes to movies and don't ask me, i'm going to keep making them, i don't care what you think? >> eric: i didn't hear him make a point. if i heard him make a point i'd say yeah. he doesn't want to talk about it. here is the issue. joe biden met with hollywood people. meetinmeeting with people who produce violent video games. first person shooter that means you are the guy pulling the trigger. some of them you can literally walk in a crowded place of innocent civilians and mass murder them. a whole culture. what does biden do? he has tuesday to make recommendations to a president. he takes the information and ignore these aspects, movie aspect, hollywood or video game aspect and go after gun control laws only or does he take the recommendations from thing yesterday and made a
11:20 pm
great point you think it will fall in between all of them to make everyone squishy, no one happy. >> andrea: i would like to see the actors speak out about it. i like quentin tarantino. i agree with his right to say i don't want to talk about it, not because they confuse our last name all the time. he can make whatever movie they want. if he doesn't want to answer questions who cares. it's his right. talk about his movie. let him guide the interview. the other celebrities that make the movies and direct movies, write and star in movies that say i can't believe we have this violence. that is what i get angry about, the hypocrisy. >> bob: first, he has been interviewed so many times because the movie is out. at a certain point you get tired of listening to reporters ask question. he could have acted better about it. my guess is that remember when they had the big furor how are you going to rate movies? jack lenny head of the ncaa came up with a rating system that caused furor about first
11:21 pm
amendment rights. i think theremite be something now to do with rating movies, a more detail rating. let's not prejudge what biden will say or not say. the only thing came out is the national rifle association that dutched all over it. >> kimberly: groundhog day. >> andrea: kimberly, bob micks a good point. in the day, "urban cowboy" was x-rated and now it's considered pg-13. they have watered down the requirements. isn't the real issue, though, mental health? a normal person can watch a movie or play a video game. not go out and shoot people. >> kimberly: not act on it. >> andrea: isn't that the real issue? the white house is ignoring it. >> kimberly: they have to do this and meet with the groups to create a balanced approach. they address it across the board. what will come of it, as bob says, let's not prejudge it. nevertheless --
11:22 pm
>> bob: i would bet it's mental health. >> kimberly: there should be something about mental health. but i don't think he will get quentin tarantino to change his films. >> bob: national registry of guns before you buy a gun you go through a much more serious question. >> eric: i would guarantee no national registry for gun. put my last dollar on the fact they would never do that. the whole right would go craz crazy. that would infringe on my right to own a gun. >> bob: why? you register your car? >> eric: something aboutbe mental health. can we be more specific? >> andrea: can i throw something out. we had a frequent guest on fox news, head of american center for law and justice and he believes that the hipa laws prevent doctors from doing full reports on patients. they're actually scared, remember the colorado shooting. to give information out. i'm worried if they start to even impede on your privacy, one psychologist told me i
11:23 pm
won't put everything the file. >> bob: hipa? >> andrea: privacy law in place to protect patient's rights. there could be a lot of unintended consequences if they don't manage this mental health situation. then you have people who are really sick going i'm not going to the doctor or the doctor saying i am not going to report your symptoms. >> eric: do you have a problem for national registry for anyone on antipsychotic drugs? >> bob: yes. >> eric: why? after all, it's the sheet, not the gun. you have want to register the gun, not shooter. >> bob: i'm saying that shooter on the antipsychoti antipsychotic -- >> eric: majority of mass murders are performed by -- >> bob: if they are taking antipsychotic drugs it should disallow them from getting guns. >> eric: how about a national registry? ja we are going to keep arguing through the break and i guarantee you the topic won't go away. we have to switch gears so coming up, kate middleton first royal portrait was released today. some of the reviews aren't
11:24 pm
very pretty. there is reaction from around the globe. we'll have that when we come back.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: love it. princess kate always looks fabulous. doesn't she? she seems to never take a bad picture. i mean ever. but somebody might have just painted one of her. duchess of cambridge first official port rate unveiled today in national port rate gallery of london and the artwork is coming under
11:29 pm
scrutiny from critics. we put it on facebook page. most people were not fond of it. people love her. she is gracious and warm and kind in her interviews and way she interacts with people. what is up with this photo? the person that painted this not like her? that is not flattering. i don't even think it resembl resembles her. >> eric: we talk about it in the editorial meeting and porter said let's talk about this. why are we talking about kate middleton's picture and portrait. i saw it, and then oh, that's why? she looks 20 years older. that is not a flattering picture. >> kimberly: i don't in this 20 years she will look like that. it doesn't resembler if features --be resemble her feature. >> andrea: if i'm her, doesn't she say go back to the canvas and try again? >> dana: you could off with his head. i don't think it's that bad. i think she might like it.
11:30 pm
>> eric: you do? >> dana: i do. >> kimberly: why? >> dana: it is in keeping with the other portraits. it's not the cover of "people" magazine. >> kimberly: are you saying the rest of them are bad, too? >> dana: yes. it will hang them forever. >> bob: she looks like a stalker. she looks like a stalker. that movie with glen close who follow those around and tried to kill him? >> andrea: c'mon. she does not look like glen close. >> kimberly: she doesn't look well. she looks like she got the greg gutfeld flu. >> bob: that is what it is. >> kimberly: circles under the eyes, the face. this is why i'm upset. she is amazing. this doesn't look like her. why would they accept this. the problem is they're too poe lite. >> dana: i don't know what their rules are over there. there. across the pond. but i believe for presidents you pick the portrait guy. that is going to paint your portrait. then you don't get to have veto power over it. it's unveiled. i don't think get you a
11:31 pm
chance. i was there for the unveiling. >> eric: do you see it before they unveil it? >> dana: he might have seen it before. i don't think you have veto power. >> andrea: i'm sure it's a scandal if she said she didn't like it. i think she should go where it's hanging and add paint. more lip gloss. >> bob: is there any reason why they made it on a black background? >> dana: when i had the flu shirt on and it looked the same? she is more serious inside. i don't think she is as extroverted as we see. what we see are the great pictures at events and smiling, happy. she might think it represents her well. >> kimberly: i don't think so. look at the face. i like the hair, dress, earring, the makeup in it is not good. >> eric: is it the worst image i have seen of her i've
11:32 pm
ever seen. she is a beautiful girl. >> kimberly: if i were the queen i would be like off with the head however painted that. >> bob: serious. >> andrea: first you said glen close -- >> kimberly: i want the know why you are criticizing kate middleton's face. go do that. vote. vote a lot. we don't care it's fine. vote many times. >> dana: i am surprised by the reaction. people feel strongly. i don't know why people care. >> kimberly: talk about something important. popularity of beyonce. out with oprah and in with beyonce at the white house. they're fab friends. and miss beyonce is getting a lot of attention. look at the "gq." this is a segment you can focus on.
11:33 pm
>> andrea: do you have feedback about that? >> bob: that is the portrait that makes sense. >> andrea: does she look like a stalker, bob? >> bob: not at all. unless she was talking me. >> eric: look like greg gave her the flu? >> andrea: she looks fantastic. >> bob: anybody think photoshop was done there? >> andrea: no, not at all. >> eric: can we point something out, she is wherever now. perform at the bowles. every time you turn on the tv and there is a celebrity event, she is there. the question is she overexposed? >> dana: you know that greg gutfeld claims credit for launching her solo career. he has a good reason to think that because when he was editor of one of the magazines, he had a photo session with destiny's child. when he did the cover he took the other two and just had her on the cover. >> kimberly: scandalous. >> dana: it was.
11:34 pm
then she went solo. >> kimberly: she gave birth to the baby, blue ivy. tried to patent that. >> dana: i feel bad for moms that had a baby. a mere 366 days ago. it's not reality. >> kimberly: it is. >> dana: we set the bar happen for women to look like that after they have a baby. >> eric: no photoshop. >> andrea: unless you're beyonce and millions to get a trainer. >> kimberly: exactly. >> andrea: she looks good. >> bob: she looks real good. >> eric: what you think should happen before you go, maybe kate middleton's portrait painter could call beyonce -- >> andrea: foth shopper person for "gq." >> kimberly: coming up, what do brent musberger, bob beckel, greg gutfeld, pete rose have in common? dana perino has that answer when we come back. ♪ ♪ eport" starts at
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6:00. now "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: love beyonce. if there is one thing "the five" knows about is apologies. listen. >> are we on? sorry, sorry. i took a cheap shot before. they are wonderful excellent people. it apologize, guys. sorry you're so upset. >> i'm sorry. >> dana: bob is not alone. apologies are being demanded and offered everybody time we turn around. this big one is espn apologizing for brent
11:41 pm
musberger comment for miss alabama. she wasn't offended and it turns out she will get to be on strait of hormuon "sports il" >> kimberly: why not? capitalize on it. sweet lady. nice boyfriend. wish them the best. now is her time. what is the problem? >> dana: do you think that espn should have apologized? >> kimberly: bob should apologize for being on the phone. >> bob: you use them all the time. >> kimberly: not on the show. >> bob: sorry. i think they should have apologized? >> dana: at espn? >> bob: it reminded me of me. dirty old man. i think they should have apologized for it. by the way, i'm reupping my subscription to "sports illustrated." >> dana: the next apology. pete rose. and i know so much about baseball. looking down. roger clemens and mcgwire. we doesn't need to apologize.
11:42 pm
pete rose and clemens were on the list to be age to get in the baseball hall of fame. but they have not been able to get in. should they apologize? would it help them get in? >> eric: pete rose should be in the hall of fame. not in the hall of fame because of betting. he said he didn't bet on his own games. the league said we don't believe you. so he has been banned from the hall of fame. i think he should be in the hall of fame. >> kimberly: so do i. >> eric: performance enhancing drugs are a different issue. a lot of ball players use them. but one apologizes and one admits it and one doesn't. they should just all -- put the player in there for the way they performed. >> bob: weigh in as well. rose was gambling. it's a lot different than performance enhancing drugs. he was a terrific baseball player without enhancing drugs. the other guys clearly did use enhancing drugs to help their records. if there is a way to figure
11:43 pm
out years they used them and drop that. >> andrea: the question is should they apologize for it? >> bob: pete rose should have earlier. >> eric: he did. >> andrea: because of the kids, if they want to apologize they should. they sent negative message. forgiveness is different than recognition. i don't think they should be in the hall of fame for this. a lot of people don't think they were sorry for this. >> dana: another sports figure this week, lance armstrong reported he, well, he will go on oprah. the question is whether he will admit to dopeed. or should he? >> kimberly: it might have some impact. people have formed opinion about him. maybe it will be good going forward he has done that. but to what end? people have a visceral reaction to how he handled the whole thing. >> andrea: but again, i feel like when they apologize after they have been caught and stripped of their awards, they are only saying they are sorry -- let me finish. they are only saying they are
11:44 pm
sorry because they got caught. >> bob: pete rose is a different category. i don't think they should be in the hall of fame. >> kimberly: there are allegations. >> bob: they run up the big records. >> eric: there are more ball players than on the scree in late '80s most did. >> bob: no. >> eric: is it their fault? isn't it league's responsibility? they have random drug testing now. >> --re going to go -- >> kimberly: eric, what about the fact some of these are allegations where they have not been convicted? that is a big deal. >> kimberly: mcgwire -- >> kimberly: a bunch of them. >> bob: he did 72 home runs. >> eric: how do you know the pitcher didn't?
11:45 pm
>> dana: i apologize but we have to move on. coming up, should kids have tracking devices on them in school? one judge says it's legal. should it be? that discussion is ahead. >> kimberly: bob needs one. ♪ ♪ when the kids come to grandma's we make sure they eat healthy.
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slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> bob: should it be legal for schools to monitor students with tracking devices? is it in texas. they ruled in the san antonio northside school district to require kids to have locator chips inside the i.d. card. a lawsuit was filed bay sophomore who is being transferred after refusing to wear the device. >> dana: good for her! >> bob: devices can only track them in-school property. not outside once they leave school. it happen to think it's a reasonable thing because the state of texas gives out money to school districts depending
11:50 pm
how many kids go to school. attendance performance. if they're not in the classroom it costs the school money. >> andrea: it should have been up to the parents. i don't like kids monitoring kids like that. >> bob: what if the kid is tardy everydy and it cost the school money? >> dana: that is why you have trun officers. >> andrea: or the parent. make sure the child gets to class. you don't need a computer chip. >> kimberly: what happens is they go in and cut out. >> dana: it's wrong. proud of the young woman fighting for her rights. >> bob: eric -- >> eric: father of high school student. who i would recommend all high schools in the country do this. and then proud of the texas san antonio school districtbe that is requiring it. there are ways around it. leave your i.d. let someone wear my i.d.
11:51 pm
i get it, but why not? is it infringing on someone's rights? >> dana: yes, i think so. it takes away from people growing up. you have to figure out, you are not always coddled and taken care of by the government. you have to figure out how to deal with yourself. formative years. you have don't worry about where you will be and everyone finds you. >> eric: they're kids and don't have self-control. >> bob: if you think your teenagers are crazy, they are. one thing about this, my kids know this. i put tracking devices in their cars, which i paid for. my son, of course, took it to a mechanic and had it ripped apart. >> dana: do you think it's okay for husband or wife to put a tracking device if their spouse's phone? >> eric: no. >> dana: where does it end? >> bob: when they're 18. >> eric: exactly. when they turn 18. >> andrea: great point. if the parents want to do it. but you make them --
11:52 pm
>> kimberly: they are trapped rats. >> andrea: part of fun in high school we can all agree -- >> bob: going off school property and smoking a joint. >> andrea: no. i'm not agreeing to that. >> dana: two weeks ago your son was travelling somewhere and you couldn't reach him for a week. you were in a panic. "i can't find him." he was fine. that hems him grow up. he probably learned more in that week to handle himself, take care of himself -- >> eric: i got news for you. >> dana: he will go to college and be better off. >> eric: i am carrying two tracking devices, you are carrying one. cell phone, you can draft them. >> andrea: i would have gym class last period. we'd play flag girls football. my friend was the quarterback and she would throw me the ball and throw so it far it would go in the parking lot and land near my car. i'd get the football and get in my car and drive away. >> bob: you would never do that, would you?
11:53 pm
>> dana: i only had detention one time. it did leave school. >> eric: the one framed for you. >> kimberly: i only got one in high school for talking in class. >> bob: that's perfect. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on tnkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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>> eric: time for friday edition of one more thing. dana kicks off. >> dana: i want to recognize south carolina governor nikki haley and her family. her husband mike is captain in the national guard. he left today to deploy to, well; he was going to do a-minute of training and he will be gans for a year. they are a military family. obviously, they going to miss him very much but they are proud of him. we wish them the best. >> eric: absolutely. thank you for your service, sir. kimberly, you're up. >> kimberly: that is a nice story involving the medal of honor. president obama is going to award the medal of honor on february 11, 2013 to a staff sergeant, former active duty staff sergeant that served in afghanistan. he was in the bravo troop third squadron, 61st cavalry regimen. he is the fourth living recipient of the medal of honor for his actions taken in iraq. congratulations to his family. thank you for your service. >> eric: thank you for your
11:58 pm
service. >> andrea: remember the picture we talked about taken in the white house of obama surrounded by all white men that have some on the left going s. >> look at the picture they released today. president obama, looking at the wop going who the heck are you? look, he has a lot of women in the white house. i got to say i think he is criticized unfairly. he has done a good job of stocking his cabinet and the administration and his campaign with a lot of women. so i actually have to be fair there. you can say a lot about him. he is not diverse is untrue. he is not groping the female employees in the white house like some presidents. father of the year. >> eric: i'll go quickly. this morning on "fox and friends" they talk about dogs loving to watch fox and friends. and e-mail their dog watching "fox and friends." my dog freedom was on. put the picture up. look what someone said in fox, their dog angus. the dog and their kids love
11:59 pm
fox. he's watching freedom my dog on "fox and friends." put a picture up there. a little secret, though. steve and the family love "the five" the best. good boy. robert? >> bob: this is a proud day and sad day for me. my son alex is on his way to college now. he is going to rollins college in florida, which is eric's alma mater. i will tell you this. he spent the fall semester doing golf tournaments. that is he and his sister messing around at thanksgiving, christmas i guess. but i will tell you one thing for all of you parents out there. there are moments in your child's life where you stay close to them whenbe you can. because when you hear that old adage about time goes by so quickly. honestly, it feels like it was yesterday i put him if his first little league

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